Your n°1 Kite & Yoga camp
Autumn Bliss by Wayke Up!
Wayke Up! Get out of your comfort zone, come and embark on the adventure...
Join your exclusive #kiteyogaretreat in Portugal!
Autumn Bliss October 2022
Get inspired in Portugal!
Come and discover Wayke Up, your go-to Wingfoil & Kitesurf school, based in Peniche 1 hour north of Lisbon.
We offer the best conditions for a liberating & sporty stay in the very heart of nature.
Your n°1 Kite & Yoga camp this autumn
Autumn Bliss by Wayke Up!
Unwind and recharge your batteries with us 🌬️
What should you expect?
Your 7 days & 6 nights camp include:
  • Accommodation in a beautiful villa with garden and swimming pool
  • 1 welcome dinner
  • 6 breakfasts on the sunny terrace
  • 3 half-days of kitesurfing
  • 1 group session of surfing
  • 4 yoga classes
  • 1 relaxing massage after all this sport
  • Transfer from Lisbon

Price (per person)
  • 748€ in Shared room of 2
  • 890€ in Private room
How is the Kitesurfing?
Do you want to become a Kite addict? Our 3-lessons beginner course will make you become a kiteboarder in no time!

In semi-private lesson you share the instructor & the kite with your kitebuddy, take turns every 10-15mn & can learn from watching each other. We want you to feel safe and relaxed, and make sure you have fun kiting with your new friends.

  • Full equipment for you: wetsuit, water shoes, helmet, life vest and harness (you can bring yours if you prefer) + all the kite gear: kitesurf, bar, leash and board
  • Passionate and patient instructors speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese and French certified by International organisations
Each lesson of this beginner Course lasts 2 hours 30min. Additional lessons can be added to the retreat.
When do you have fun?
2 possibilities:
From the 10th to the 16th of October 2022.
Transfer from Lisbon, meeting the 10th at 4PM
End of the camp the 16th at 11AM

From the 16th to the 22th of October 2022.
Transfer from Lisbon, meeting the 16th at 4PM
End of the camp the 22th at 11AM

Having a different date in mind? Let us know!
This retreat is the last of the season for Wayke Up, and we will be happy to schedule other ones in 2023!
Why should you join?
We encourage you to break your daily routine, escape from city life, and simply lose yourself in order to find yourself! What a fabulous adventure to spend a few vacation days bonding with your besties...

And because you want to discover a sport that plasters a smile across your face & gives you a feeling of natural high! Try Kitesurfing! What's your greatest risk? We're not sorry to admit it: you could become a kite addict who chooses to change his life to ride as much as possible (oh yes I speak from experience!).
Where is this amazing experience happening ?
We are based in Peniche area, 1 hour north of Lisbon and give the kitesurf lessons in Óbidos lagoon.

For this retreat, we offer transfer from Lisbon, and also for all the kitesurf lessons from the villa to the lagoon. Then if you wanna be fully autonomous and get the chance to discover all the beauties around home, we would encourage you to rent a car at the airport!

The Obidos lagoon is the perfect spot to learn and progress in kitesurfing. It's better than the Caribbean in your wetsuit!
a huge calm stretch of sea water 6km long and 1.5km wide, connected to the Atlantic Ocean; where the Nortada blows mainly from March to October, a north-northwest wind that runs along the entire Iberian coast.
You're already a kiter?
If you already know how to ride, please contact us, we're happy to tailor the experience to your need! We also do rentals with TOP new gear, and you can also take course of kitefoiling or even try wingfoiling!
Need more info? Contact us!
Feel free to write, call and visit us.
We really love to communicate with our clients. Get infos about Wing & Kite with Wayke Up
and book your stay in Peniche!
Casais do Mestre Mendo, Peniche, Portugal
School registered Capitania do porto de Peniche
RNAAT n° 150/2020
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